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About Us - D.A.L 


About Us is the Web Page for the Department of Agriculture & Livestock

  DAL's Mission Statement :     according to the National Executive Council (NEC) Decision No.
                                                        157/90, the department exists:

"To enable the increase in agricultural production for domestic consumption and export, thus increasing the well being and contributing to social economic development.

  History & Background or else, Scroll page down to all DAL Branches & Divisions


Back   Top Management

Mr. Matthew B. Kanua,
The Secretary of Department of Agriculture & Livestock

The Top Management comprises of :
  •     The Secretary,
  •     Three (3) Deputy Secretaries,
                     - Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services
                     - Deputy Secretary, Policy & Planning
                     - Deputy Secretary, Technical Services
  •     Internal Audit Unit                 Tel:     (675) 321 4590
  •     National Agriculture Council.  Tel:     (675) 321 3492

To oversee and ensure the entire Department is operating within its functional roles and responsibilities.

The Executives Branch through the Secretary’s office provides the point of contact between the Department and the Minister’s office on policy and other management issues    in the operations of the department and agriculture development in general.

Point of Contact:

Telephone :     (675)    321 3302    Secretary of DAL.
                      (675)    321 1286    Dep. Secretary of Corporate Services.
                      (675)    321 2271    Dep. Secretary of Technical Services.
                      (675)    321 2839    Dep. Secretary of Policy, Planning & Co-ordination.
                      (675)    321 4096    Executive Officer
                      (675)    321 4590    Internal Audit Unit
                      (675)    321 3492    National Agriculture Council

Facsimile :      (675)    321 1387

Address :           Department of Agriculture & Livestock
                         P O Box 2033
                         PORT MORESBY
                         Papua New Guinea

E-Mail :        kanua@daltron.com.pg       The Secretary 
                   depseccs@datec.net.pg      Deputy Secretary Corporate Services
                   depsecs@datec.net.pg        Dep.Secretary Policy Planning & Co-ordination

Back  Policy Planning and Coordination Branch (PPCB)

Policy Planning and Coordination Division (PPCD) has been recognised and rationalized with the direction to concentrate on policy analysis rather than on implementation of DAL projects.  The PPCD Comprises of Economic Research, Policy Planning & Coordination (ERPPC), and Compliance Monitoring and Evaluation Branches,   (CMEB).

Economic Research, Policy Planning & Coordination Branch (ERPPC)
The ERPPC consists of Strategy Planning, Resource Planning, Project Preparation, Rural Statistics, Agriculture Credit Coordination and Women in Agriculture Development units

To formulate policy and planning of DAL and advice to DAL on matters relating to the
       Development of the agriculture and livestock sector.

       To provide advisory services/supports to agriculture and its industries, organizations
       and Producers.

       To assist the Secretary in the management of the department in accordance with the
       legislative requirements, establishment tasks and responsibilities.

       To support the departmental programs including policy analysis, programming,
       budgeting, and generating rural and farm management information and other statistical
       back up; and

       To coordinate agricultural sector resource planning to ensure sectoral development are
       economical, social and financially sound for the enhancement of national

     Point of Contact:

    Telephone :  (675) 323 5187
        Facsimile  :   (675) 323 5190    

Address :           Department of Agriculture & Livestock
                         P O Box 2033
                         PORT MORESBY
                         Papua New Guinea

       E-Mail:     depsecs@datec.net.pg


This branch manages the personnel matters including administration, salaries, organisation & methods, manpower placement unit, industrial relations and lands, assets & records within the Department.

Point of Contact


Telephone :        (675)    320 0900
Facsimile :          (675)    320 2883

Address :           Department of Agriculture & Livestock
                         P O Box 2033
                         PORT MORESBY
                         Papua New Guinea



Finance Branch is responsible for managing the funding allocation appropriate to it by the Government through its yearly budget process. The Government Accounting System operates on a cash basis meaning that revenue or payments are receipted at the time of receipt or recorded at the time of payment. All forecasted receipts and payments are not recorded.  


To ensure that all financial activities of the Department are in compliance with the Management Act of 1995. 

Prepare and assist in the submission of the Department's Budget.

Analyse, review and forecast department expenditures and revenues.

Preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reports for the Department and the Treasury Department.

Collection and raise revenue receipts and Maintenance of Asset and Loss register for the Department.

Point of Contact:

Director, Ag. Finance Branch

Telephone :        (675)    320  2857

Facsimile :         (675)    320 ....

Address :           Department of Agriculture & Livestock
                         P O Box 2033
                         PORT MORESBY
                         Papua New Guinea

E-Mail :

Back  Food Security

The Branch’s aim is to promote through public and private investments sustainable food production in the country to enhance National Food Security, create opportunities to generate cash income and employment for the people in the rural sector.

The Food Security Program is implemented by this branch and constitutes the major PIP or policy initiative of the Department under the New Look DAL. The Branch has implemented seven sub components in 2000 and its AMR provides an in depth analysis.

Acting Director          Spice Officer

Department of Agriculture & Livestock
P O Box
, NCD,
Papua New Guinea

(675) 32
1 3527 (Direct)
(675) 32 1 2488, 321 5378      (675) 321 5374

Fax:    (675) 32 1 7813

Email:    foodsec@datec.net.p g

Back  Agriculture Education & Training Branch

The Branch's two major functional responsibilities includes Human Resources Development and supply of trained manpower to the Agriculture sector, which is done through

  1.    Policy and Management
        Seeking Technical and Funding assistance for the Branch's specific

  2.    Staff Development
        Coordinating the departments staff development and localisation

            The four main areas of concentration are selection, staff performance appraisal, career development planning and localisation. Staff development also liaises closely with Staff Training on training matters relating to career development
plans for officers.

  3.    Staff Training
Coordination and facilitation of in-country and overseas in-service training for national and provincial DAL staff.
These section liaises closely with the Department of Personnel Management and aid organisations in preparing annual training bids for the department.

  4.    In-Service Training
The Highlands Agricultural College (HAC) and Lae In-Service Training Centre (LISTC) are the In-Service Co-ordination Centres for all courses conducted by the Department.

            i)    Designing course syllabi more appropriate and relevant to current agricultural systems
ii)   Facilitating and Coordinating Agricultural Management training 

Provision of Agricultural Education Training through:

      Pre- Service Training in Agriculture Colleges[1]

      Support the Education Department in Curriculum Development;

      Development of educative competence for Agriculture Sector.

                     Provision of In Services Training:

        In Services courses (PCD)

        Community based skills and administrative courses

        Departmental Training Plan and Overseas training Bids

            Provision of Human Resource Development through:

        Staff appraisals

        Staff development and career streaming

        Review and update human resources status in training and development in DAL and National

Point of Contact:

      Tel:         (675) 321 2923
Fax:        (675) 320 3548

The Director,
Agriculture Education & Training Branch
Department of Agriculture & Livestock
P O Box 2033
Papua New Guinea

[1] PAC in the ORO Province and HAC in the Western Highlands Province. These Colleges are declared as institutions under the Higher Education Act 1983.

Back  Science & Technology Services  

This consists of Soil and Land Survey and Papua New Guinea Resource Information System (PNGRIS)

Land Use   
                         Provide soil and land surveying services for agriculture development.

PNGRIS (Database)
                   Provide advice to agriculture developers on land use and soil management for
                    agricultural purposes using the Papua New Guinea Resource Information System or
                    PNGRIS Database.

Point of Contact:

Telephone :        (675)     321 1929 / 321 4458
Facsimile :         (675)     321 2957

Address :       
Department of Agriculture & Livestock
                     P O Box 2033
                     PORT MORESBY
                     Papua New Guinea

Back  Compliance Monitoring & Evaluation Branch

      Compliance Monitoring and Evaluation Branch
      The CME Branch was upgraded from a Unit to Branch status with the Departmental
       Restructure as of 1st April 1999. The branch has always been attached to and
       contained in the Policy, Planning and Coordination Division.

       The branch is headed by a Director that mans the two operational units:  Compliance
       Monitoring Unit and Program/Project Monitoring and evaluation Unit.

To monitor and evaluate the impact of Government policies and programs through
       implementation of on-going public investment projects and programs;

       To improve planning through periodic evaluation of the management and effects of the
       adopted strategies and policies, and completed programs and projects.

       To monitor the implementation of Government Policies by the Commodity Boards and
       others involved in the agriculture sector.

        Point of Contact:

    Telephone :  (675)    323  5187 
        Facsimile :    (675)     323  5190    

       Address :       Department of Agriculture & Livestock
                            P O Box 2033
                            PORT MORESBY
                            Papua New Guinea


Back  Provincial  &  Industrial Support Services (PI&SS)

Provincial and Industries Support Services Division was established on the 01st April 1999. The Division comprises of four regional offices namely:

  1. Southern

  2. Momase

  3. Highlands

  4. Islands

Their aim is to establish linkages with stakeholders in the Provinces and Industry Corporations and provide support for the delivery of goods and services coupled with infrastructure development through integrated planning and decision-making. This is in the spirit of the new Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government.

To provide quality advice and Technical support to the Provinces and Industry so as to further develop and expand Agriculture base.

To establish an efficient linkage mechanism through joint programs and partnership with provinces and Industry Corporations.

To act as a bridge between Research, Extension, Industry and DAL.

Major Function
The major functions of the PI&SS division are to provide technical support and delivery services to rural farmer in the following areas:

  • Management and Coordination

  • Food Crops

  • Land Use Management  

  • Livestock  

  • Project Preparation  

  • Planning & Economics

  • Extension and Information

Back  Southern Region


“To facilitate and improve agricultural knowledge and skills through the provision of technical advice, management support, sustainable agricultural systems and practices, to enhance the agricultural sector in participatory manner “.

“To establish linkages with stakeholders in provinces and provide support for effective delivery of goods and services coupled with infrastructure development through integrated planning and decision making”.


  1. To provide quality advice and technical support to the provinces and industry to further develop and expand agriculture base.
  2. To establish an efficient linkage mechanism through joint program and partnership with provinces and industry corporations.
  3. To act as a bridge between Research, Extension, Industry and DAL.

The strategy for the provincial and Industry Support Services Division is to provide technical support and deliver services to rural farmers in the following areas.

  1. Food Crops

  2. Land use management

  3. Livestock

  4. Marketing

  5. Project Preparation

  6. Planning and Economics

  7. Extension and Information.

It is anticipated that over 85 percent of the population is engaged in semi-subsistence food production which provides the foundation for social and economic stability of this country. In the past, tree-crop productions for exports were a priority, which neglected the food crop production for commercial and household consumption.

The emphasis for PI&SS now is to reverse this trend and make food production more viable and sustainable through improved productivity in the sector. This will be vigorously done through improving the quality and quantity of traditional staple crops, marketing, rural credits, food processing, packaging and distribution. This is in line with the establishment of Food Security Program of Department to develop a Food Policy for the agriculture sector.

PI&SS will be working closely with organizations such as Fresh Produce Developing Company (FPDC) and other organisations, engaged in the development and search of self-sufficiency in food, fresh fruits and vegetables in PNG.

Land is a basic factor of production in agricultural development. It is an important renewable resource having a major influence on majority of Papua New Guineans. However, this calls for correct land tenure and land use policies.  The objectives for PI&SS division now is to complete the development profiles for each district in the 19 provinces so as to use these profiles as planning and decision making tools for agricultural development for each province, district and communities in PNG.

It is perceived that, the current knowledge on the capability of the land resource for agricultural development at national level shows that 161,360 square kilometres is suitable for flooded rice, 227,290 square kilometres suitable for improved pasture, 55,950 square kilometres suitable for tree crops. On average 24% (23,080 square kilometres) in the country is considered suitable for intensive agricultural production without major biophysical (soil) limitations. With this huge potential and capability of land resources for agricultural development profiles for the respective provinces, districts and communities in PNG. 

Livestock industry in the economy contributes about 13% of total supply. The industry has generally grown substantially since independence but the beef sub-sector has been stagnating during the last decade. The poultry industry has virtually reached self-sufficiency level with the pig industry following a similar trend under protection through total import bans and tariffs.

Since the beef industry in the country has experienced long term development difficulties despite the existence of favourable in nature condition in some areas, emphasis and priority will continue to be geared towards improving the production of small animals at the rural level.

This is so because, the majority of farmers engaged in small livestock farming are based in the rural areas.

Point of Contact:

Director, Mr. Vele Kagena

Telephone:    (675)    321 3539 / 321 3537
Facsimile:     (675)    321 3488

Staff of Southern Region, PISS.

Address:        Department of Agriculture & Livestock
                     P O Box 417
                     Papua New Guinea

E-Mail :          kagenav@datec.com.pg

Back  Momase

Provincial and Industries Support Services Division was established on the 01st April 1999.The Division comprises of (4) regional offices namely

    Vision statement:

     “to improve and facilitate agricultural knowledge and skills through provision technical advice and management support towards sustainable   agriculture systems and practices that, hence in a participatory manner would enhance the agriculture sector."

Mission Statement

"to establish linkage with stakeholders in provinces and provide support for effectively delivery of goods and services
together with infrastructure development through integrated planning and decision making process."

Staff Status as at 3rd January 2002.    (14 on the staff)

Contact:     P.O. Box 4535, LAE City 411, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea.

Telephone:    (675)  479 1005
Fax:             (675)  479 1006
E-Mail           northern@global.net.pg

Address :       Department of Agriculture & Livestock
                     P O Box 2033
                     PORT MORESBY
                     Papua New Guinea

Back  Islands Region

The Provincial and Industrial Support Services (P&ISS), Islands Region's function is to assist and improve performances of the field and technical support services of Provincial and Industry stakeholders, by working within organisations and systems operation, through consultative and participatory processes.

Its strategic objectives are:
  • To strengthen and sustain management of P&ISS in Islands Region
  • To enhance capacity of Department of Primary Industry, District, Local Level Governments, personnel and farmer groups in management and technical services.
  • To provide advice to provincial governments, districts, LLGs and stakeholders on technical; aspects of agriculture and policy formulation and development
  • To assist farmers to access information, resource services and technology,
  • To strengthen linkages between P&ISS and stakeholders.


Mr. Fred Dori

Ph:    (675) 982 9350 / 982 9354
Fax:  (675) 982 8492


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