Smallholder Support Services Pilot Project (SSSPP)

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The launching of the Smallholder Support Services Pilot  Project (SSSPP) in the Mamose Province, Morobe. Director, SSSPP (R) Dr. Sam Lahis meeting with Morobe Governor, Luther Wenge

                                                                                                                    Rice field, Zaika



Period of Utilisation: Until 31 December 2004

Estimated Project Completion Date:        30 June 2004

The SSSPP is piloted in two provinces of Morobe and Eastern Highlands with DAL as the National Coordinating Department. The project is funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) for US$12 Million with national Government’s counter-part funding for (5) five years. The Loan Agreement was signed in April 1999 between PNG and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the project became fully operational in January 2000.

The project has three (3) main components:

  • Support Services contract Facilities

  • Capacity Building  and

  • Project Coordination.

Although smallholders account for about 95% of the rural population and contribute 70-80 percent of the value of agricultural production, their needs for agricultural support services have not been adequately addressed in the past. The reforms in the agriculture sector initiated in the early 1990s and supported by the 1995 Organic Law  were aimed at improving service delivery to the rural population and are still in the process of being implemented. They are in line with the Bank's (ADB) operational strategy and, in part, have been supported by Bank assistance.

An innovative approach promoted by the Government is the contracting out of agricultural service delivery to make it more flexible, cost effective, and performance focused, and  to reach wider target groups. The Project will support contracting-out arrangements that address smallholder needs in areas such as:

  •  marketing,

  • crop and livestock production input supplies

  • farming systems management

  • training and awareness

  • and community development.

The Morobe government is the first provincial government to experiment with contracting out support services in the agriculture sector. The project will help expand and improve upon this initiative. Both the National and the Provincial Governments accord a high priority to the Project, because it will assist them in testing and refining contracting-out arrangements that better address smallholders' needs for the agricultural support services.

Objectives and Scope:

  • Increase access by smallholders to improved agriculture support services in Eastern Highlands and Morobe Provinces

  • Increase agriculture production and productivity and income of smallholders and ensure stability of farming systems

  • Enhance the status of women in agriculture by supports services assistance to food crop production.


Period of Utilisation: Until 31 December 2004

Estimated Project Completion Date:        30 June 2004

Point of Contact:

Dr. Sam Lahis

Telephone :        (675)    321 7582
                         (675)    321 5382
Facsimile :         (675)    321 4541

Address :           Department of Agriculture & Livestock
                         P O Box 2033
                         PORT MORESBY
                         Papua New Guinea


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